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About Us

We are Ben & Julia and we LOVE travel & Disney!


On our (many) trips to Disneyland, we noticed how little HONEST information there was on the hotels we visited. Most of the time, we were disappointed when the hotels didn't live up to our expectations. Well, we weren't the only ones! From the reviews we've read, many visitors to the Disneyland Resort are disappointed at the age and condition of the hotels in the area.


A HUGE part of any travel budget is spent on the hotel and you don't want a bad hotel to take away from the magic or your vacation. Our goal is to provide you with Honest Hotel Reviews for the entire Disneyland Resort area so you can make the best decision for the vacation of your dreams. 

We personally stay at every hotel we review and are not afraid to reveal the good, the bad & the ugly. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube & our Monthly Newsletter to get the most up-to-date information. 


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