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Hi, I'm Julia!

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Why I Started Honest Hotel Reviews

We’ve all been duped by fake reviews and re-touched professional photos of hotels, only to be underwhelmed (or totally grossed out) in real life…the Disneyland area is no exception!!! 


I’m going to be honest with you— There are some REALLY bad hotels in Anaheim. I’m talking, blood on the floor and poop on the curtains! But...these hotels are somehow ranked and rated highly on traveller review sites like TripAdvisor and Expedia. So, I'm left scratching my head in confusion, hopeful that it's not lice or bedbugs from the state of my hotel room.

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I used to trust those hotel ranking websites (like Trip Advisor), but in the last 5 years I’ve seen a huge shift in the way these websites rank and display hotels. For instance, rather than showing you the true hotel ranking based on customer reviews, they show you their ‘Best Value’ hotel rankings…which usually means they’re favoring hotels that have paid to be promoted if you read the fine print…which kind of defeats the original purpose of their website IMHO.

As a childless, thirty-something, self-proclaimed Disnerd, I've started hotel hopping during my Disneyland vacations to bring you a first hand account of every hotel I stay in. Am I crazy? You betcha! But I'm also living my best life!

My Honest Promise

Here's my Honest Promise to you: I personally stay at every hotel I review and I give you my honest opinion of my experience. I use the funds I earn through ad revenue from this website and my YouTube channel to fund the majority of my hotel stays...but I will accept a free stay from a hotel on occasion. However, I will ALWAYS be upfront about any sponsorship in my reviews, and I will NEVER accept cash to change or falsify a review! 

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