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The Fairfield Inn by Marriott - Great Value Across from the Park

...It's so close to the park, you can almost hear the yodelling from the matterhorn.

1460 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim

Quick Facts about the Hotel

5 minute walk to Disneyland

Check-in: 4 pm Check-out: 11 am

Parking fee: $24/Night


It's impossible to not be excited 24/7 when you're staying at a hotel that literally overlooks Disneyland and California Adventure. At less than a 5 minute walk to the park it is so close to the magic that you can watch the Disneyland fireworks from the exterior corridors of this 9 story, motel style building. In this article, we chat about our experience and give you our honest explanation on why this is one of our top picks when it comes to value hotels across the street from Disneyland.

" can watch the Disneyland fireworks from the exterior corridors..."

Overall Experience: 4/5

Simply put, our experience here was great! The staff was friendly, the hotel was clean, and when we arrived about half an hour before check it, we were given a room way up on the 8th floor. Even though we our room faced away from the park and towards a noisy freeway, we had an awesome time walking around the building and checking out the incredible view. It took us less than 5 minutes to walk to Disneyland, so we could come and go as we pleased.

Things that took away from our experience was the resounding noise of the freeway and construction that started WAY TO EARLY!!!! Also, it is an older hotel, but they have done a good job of keeping it refreshed.

Room: 3.6/5

We stayed in a King room and were very happy with it for the price. The bed wasn't as comfy as we'd hoped and the traffic outside and a/c unit were noisy, but we've stayed in many of the hotels right across the street from Disneyland and believe me when I say, this room was one of the cleaner, comfier and more recently updated rooms...AND more reasonably priced at that!

They’ve done some recent updates to refresh the rooms and their in-room amenities were fairly standard except for one stand out feature: the flat screen TV allows you to log in to some of your favourite streaming platforms

like Netflix and Youtube.

For a higher price, you can get a Disney themed room with a view of the park. We decided against this for two reasons. First, as a motel style building, having a view of the park also means any guests that walk by your room when your blinds are open can see right into your room. Secondly, it didn't seem worth the extra cost given the only other upgrade appeared to be the fun Disney themed wallpaper.

Here's a list of all the in-room amenities:

  • Full sized hair dryer & toiletries

  • Mini fridge

  • Safe

  • Mini coffee maker

  • TV with Netflix

  • Iron, board, hangers & luggage holder

Here are a few things to keep in mind about this room:

  1. It is quite small and has a max occupancy of 3 people

  2. The sinks and mirror sit outside of the bathroom area

  3. The hotel windows look out to the guest walkway, and in our case, a super busy freeway.

  4. IT WAS LOUD!!!! The a/c unit sounded like an airplane taking off and the noise from the freeway and construction site woke us up early in the morning.

  5. There was a locked door connecting the adjoining room.

For more info on the room, check out our YouTube video: Fairfield Inn Room Tour & Review

Hotel Amenities: 3/5

For such a large hotel, their pool area was small and underwhelming. That said, as a pool surrounded by parking lot, they've done a decent job of making it feel secluded by surrounding it with tropical plants. But to be honest, it's not a hotel I would hang out at for relaxation.

On the third floor of the hotel you'll find the Fairfield Market Place that has the Fitness Centre, an arcade room, a Pizza Hut Express, Seattle's Best coffee and other snacks and beverages available for purchase. The lobby has one of the best gift shops I've seen at a Disneyland Good Neighbor hotel, offering up food, drinks (liquor too), toiletries, clothing and TONS of souvenirs.

If you can't find what you're looking for inside the hotel, there is also a Panera Bread and a McDonalds right on property.

The one amenity that was lacking in our honest opinion was the laundry facilities, only because there was no door separating the general public from the machines. So it felt like almost anyone could walk right up and grab your stuff.

Value: 4.25/5

If you want a hotel that's less than a 5 minute walk to Disneyland, this is one of our top picks. Even though the hotel is getting on in age and has some average amenities, trust me when I say this hotel is better than many. Most of the hotels across from Disneyland are in need of some TLC.

This hotel had no bugs, no mould, was clean, and best of all, is one of the most reasonably priced. In the end, we couldn't help but give them an awesome score in this category.

Overall Rating: 3.7/5

This gives the Fairfield Inn by Marriott an overall score of 3.7/5. We recommend this hotel to die hard Disney fans who want to stay as close to the magic as possible but don't want to break the bank.

Keep in mind, if you don't mind walking a little further (or taking a shuttle or an uber) you can find other hotels with more comfortable beds and better pool areas for about the same price or less.

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I’m Julia and this has been another Honest Hotel Review.

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